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RZ Mask Product Detail Reviews – The Best Mask To Apply

RZ Mask Product Detail Reviews: The Best Mask To Apply

RZ Mask product detail reviews contain useful and important information for convincing the people about this product. It is a current face caver product item for maintaining one’s health due to polluted air. It combines a stylish style, comfort, and high durability as a face caver. RZ mask is forming a good future to protect your respiratory system. All Masks have been tested that those are great quality. F1 RZ Mask has replaceable filter reaching 99.9% and filtration rate up to 0.1 micron. It doesn’t matter what your jobs or adventure experience are, the mask products ensure to give healthy breath for everyone.

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M1 Neoprene Mask

RZ Mask consists and produces some mask products. One of the amazing products is M1 Neoprene Mask. It is an original mask product from RZ Mask company. There are some positive things about this maks. M1 Neoprene Mask was introduced in 2010 and built in 4 strecth ways being effective to cover your respiratory system. Then, it is a durable and long lasting neoprene to use. M1 is also a kind of neoprene mask to keep skin at ideal inner temperature and perform a wonderful act for low intensity while you are using it. In addition, this mask will form a comfortable face contour for maximal comfort and great filtration. M1 Mask also has various choices for its designs and colors as well. Those benefits are enough to persuade the people putting on it.

M2 Mesh Mask

What’s new in RZ Mask product detail reviews? You can find another mask type. M2 is the latest and newest mask from RZ Mask M2 MESH MASKcompany. It was introduced to public in 2015. Some positive things can be got from this amazing mask. M2 Mesh Mask is made of smooth wicking mesh material guarantying for the highest comfort. The mesh material enables to filtrate bad air so that it smoothes the air circulation on your face. Moreover, this mask item is making your skin stay cool and fresh. That is why this mask is suitable and ideal for high intensity activities. The capability of this mask is letting your face skin breathing and stay cool. This is a particular advantage of M2 from the previous mask item, M1. The mesh material differentiates it to the other mask items. The mesh material forms well on face contour for optimal comfort and air filtration. So, it is never disappointing your during wearing this mask.

F1 Filter

What else is another mask product to choose? It is F1 Filter that can be found in RZ Mask product detail reviews. This filter mask is a F1 Filterstandard filter consisting of two filter layers; internal active carbon element and outer particulate filter. The internal layer is effective to fight for the organic chemicals, odors, and fumes. Meanwhile, outer layer of F1 Filter is able to trap particulates up to 0.1 micron. This filter mask combines two technologies that have been tested clinically in laboratory to be 99.9%. F1 Filter is very ideal for low intensity activities and normal respiratory level. So, choose it for only low – intensity activities.

F2 Filter

F2 Filter is another type of mask item from RZ Mask. This filtration mask is categorized to be high – flo filter mask. It consists of 2 layers of particulate filter that is able to trap particulates up to 0.1 micron in size. This filter has no content active carbone elements and removing fume filtration, organic chemicals, and odors very well. This filtration has been tested and examined in laboratory so that it guarantees to remove those bad particles up to 97%.   High – flo particulate filter increases a breathability level up to 40% better than F1 filter. An amazing thing about this F2 Filter is working wonderfully to high intensity activities and increasing breathing levels.

RZ Mask Product Detail Reviews

F3 Filter

It moves to the next level of filter mask in which you’ll meet F3 Filter in RZ Mask product detail reviews. This filter is a premium filter class from RZ Mask. Active carbon or high flo feature becomes a versatile feature in RZ Mask. Outer layer of F3 Filter is able to keep particulates up to 0.1 micron in size. Meanwhile, internal layer is resistant to fumes, odors, and organic chemical compouds. It has combined two technologies that have been examined in laboratory. It means that it is trusted for filtering those compouds. High – flo particulate filter is increasing 40% breathability level better than F1 filter or F2 Filter making this filter so much amazing.


The next mask product of RZ Mask is Valves. This mask is composed and made of three pieces i.e. a base part, diaphragm and also a cap part. When a user blow a breath, diaphragm will elevate enabling the exhaled air to prevent the mask. It lets an internal part in this filter to stay free from built – in condensation, dry, cozy, and comfort for the long – term usage. It is able to blow air outside through its valves and glasses. The valves are keeping filtration safely to a mesh or neoprene mask items. Those mask products are versatile that can be found in RZ Mask product detail reviews.

Filter Life Expectancy

How long does RZ mask stay longer? RZ Mask’s life expectancy depens on several variables i.e. particulate exposure duration, a breathing rate, and particulate exposure density. There are some guiding elements in determining life expectancy.

  • 20 – 30 hours for continous use in hard dust exposure, air condition in grain bin, offroad, rocky roads, construction, and many more.
  • 30 – 40 hours for continous use in ligh dust exposure, air condition in grain bins, construction, and many more.
  • 50 to 60 hours for continous use in protection of allergen, odors, pollution, and light intensity protection.
  • More 60 hours for continous use in protecting cold weather.

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Mask Care and Maintenance

After you know RZ Mask’s life expectancy, you should know on how to care and maintain it. There are some things to know. The exterior shell of every RZ mask item can be washed with warm water and mild soap. Those become a main choice of reusable mask for everyone. The valves cannot be changed and can be rinsed if the valves have been dirty. You should be careful on rubber diaphragm in the valves. It mustn’t get lost. To ensure the long life expectancy, every RZ mask comes with a carrying bag to keep it when it is not use.  Those are several items, life expectancy, and mask care and maintenance ways in RZ Mask product detail reviews.

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