RZ Emergency Filtration Mask Review

This RZ Emergency Filtration Mask review will be useful for everyone who is currently looking a great and versatile mask that can be used at all times, including emergencies. Just like the other products from this company, this emergency mask is durable and comes with the best filtration system. It is also very easy to use and both the mask and the filter are hand washable.

It Is Designed for Emergency

The thing about emergency is we don’t know how and when it will happen. All we know is that we have to be ready for it anytime. This product is actually the popular RZ M2 Mask and it comes with all M2’s great features. However, it comes with a new packaging.

At first glance, a new packaging might seem very trivial. But it actually plays an important role to protect you during emergency. If you only keep the mask for emergencies, you might rarely wear it and the mask will be buried under the heavy things on your bag. But thanks to the new heavy-duty mylar pouch that comes with a zip lock, the mask will be safe and it will be ready for you when you need it.

The construction of this mask consists of strong nylon mesh outer and a finer one on the inner side. This combination makes the mask very sturdy, but light and breathable at the same time. The edges are also finished perfectly and the stitches are so neat, definitely will make the mask even more durable. The construction and material alone already makes the mask very sturdy and not easily breakable. Now imagine if it comes with a protective packaging. The mask definitely will not get broken just because it is buried deep inside your bag.

Great Filter

It is the quality of the filter that will determine how well the mask can protect you. RZ RZ Emergency Filtration Mask ReviewEmergency Filtration Mask comes with RZ’s F1 filter. Even though it is the company’s most standard filter, it is more than enough to protect you against dust and pollutants. It has two layers with particulate filter at the outer and Active Carbon as the inner.

While the outer can catch dangerous element to .1 micron, the inner will trap what the outer layer cannot. If you need an even more effective filter to catch smaller dangerous airborne particles, you can switch to F2 or F3 filter the next time you need to replace your mask’s filter.


Since this is RZ Mask’s product we are talking about, we certainly don’t have to worry about its quality. If you are a loyal user of M2 mask, then you are really going to love this product. It has all the best quality of the popular mesh mask, but the better packaging will keep the mask ready to protect you during emergencies. As a conclusion of this RZ Emergency Filtration Mask review, it is safe to say that this is the best mask that you want to keep with you all the times, whether for emergencies or simply to protect you in your daily activities.

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