RZ Mask M2 Review and Leaf Cleanup

Do you have troubles cleaning up the leaves at your yard? Read this RZ Mask M2 Review and leaf cleanup will be a more bearable task. The worst thing about cleaning the piles of leaves on your backyard is the dust and debris that will fly around. It will suffocate you and you will end up leaving the job undone because it is just very hard to breathe. If you want to make leaf cleanup easier, make sure you remember to put on an M2 Mask.

RZ Mask M2 Review And Leaf Cleanup

Suitable for Intense Activity

Leaf cleaning might seem easy but it is actually a pretty intense activity, especially if the area that needs to be cleaned is wide. This is exactly why you should wear M2 Mask when you are cleaning the leaves. The inner part of the mask is made of fine mesh which allows you to breathe easily without inhaling any dust or dangerous particles. Meanwhile, the outer part is a durable nylon mesh which will increase the life span and strength of the mask.

RZ Mask M2 Review And Leaf CleanupCleaning the yard can make your skin uncomfortable, especially if you are wearing a mask. But that is not the case with this M2 mask. The mesh construction is not only durable but also will help increasing airflow. As a result, it will keep your skin cool even though you are sweating under your mask.

Everything Is Down to the Filter

Keep reading this RZ Mask M2 review and leaf cleanup is no longer going to be a torture. Since you are going to deal with plenty of dust and debris when cleaning the leaves, your mask needs to be equipped with superior filter. Thankfully, it is exactly what M2 is all about.

The filter has been clinically tested in Nelson laboratories and it has been proven that it can prevent up to 99% of airborne particles from going inside the mask. The Active Carbon property of the filter will ensure you will not inhale any dust or dangerous particle that can endanger your respiratory system. The filter has longer life span compared to the other ordinary masks in the market. For an intense activity, you can use the filter for around 40 to 50 hours before you need to replace it.

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It Comes with Two One-Way Discharge

The valves will let the air you exhaled properly escaped from the mask. As a result, the condensation will be reduced. In the same time, the valves will work together with the filter to make sure you will not inhaled unfiltered air that goes into the mask.

This mask still has another great feature. Besides the great valves and filters, it also comes with an adjustable nose clip. It will keep the mask in place so that the exhaled air will not fog your goggles. It means, if you want to wear goggles or any headwear for extra protection while cleaning the leaves, this mask will not get in the way. So, if you want to breathe easier while cleaning the leaves, simply wear the mask after reading this RZ Mask M2 Review and leaf cleanup will not be a threat anymore for your respiratory system.

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