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If you find yourself going through a lot of RZ Mask Reviews

If you find yourself going through a lot of RZ Mask Reviews, chances are you have yet to wear a dust mask and you are considering purchasing an RZ mask just in case. Regardless of whether you are a handyman or you simply need one for safety or health reasons, RZ Mask is an exceptional mask.  But of course, being a customer, you would like to know everything about the product before you make a decision to buy it. In that case, take it from a fellow handyman to give his take on this particular mask. Here, on this article, I am not only going to give you my review and detailed information on the product, but also tips on how to choose an appropriate dust mask.

RZ Mask Reviews – How to Choose A Mask

Drywall dust and pollution are dangerous. Majority of  us think dust collection system is enough protection, but surprisingly that cannot be further from the truth. Without a high-efficiency respirator that is properly fitted, you risk inhaling fine dust particles. While visible dust particles are usually trapped by natural filters in our nose and throat, particles of smaller than 10-microns can easily bypass our body’s natural defenses and over time, will clog your airways and lungs.

One thing that many of those RZ Mask Reviews failed to feature is a thorough tip on how to determine a high-quality dust mask and how to choose the best one out of so many options on the market. Not here, though. As a start, I’m going to tell you ways to determine if a dust mask is the one for you.

A good rule of thumb is to always disregard the cheap ones as they do not work as well as one would hope. Find ones with a minimum rating of N95. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, it is up to you to choose the one with the desired comfort features.

Why Choose RZ Mask

RZ Mask ReviewsAfter all of those RZ Mask Reviews you read, I am sure that by now you are familiar of the general consensus. But I’m not here to be a part of the statistics, I’m here to give you unbiased review. Sure, there are so many options on the market, but I ended up choosing RZ Mask and have been wearing the mask since the first day I discovered its existence – and there are reasons behind it.  Let me elaborate, prior to this, I used MSA and all I could tell you is how much of a burden it was to put it on and then put it off every single time. Not to mention the fact that it collected that dreading condensation, having to wipe it out every time I used it was a hassle.

Then I came across the RZ Masks official website and from what I saw, the brand has revolutionized the dust mask industry with its one-of-a-kind technology. To choose the right dust mask, you must take into account your activity level and your facial features. For high-intensity activities, look for one that’s made of breathable material. As for low activities, neoprene would suffice.

Product Description

As of now, RZ Masks come in two different models: the M1, and the M2. The M1 Mask is specifically formed to perfectly fit your facial contours and is constructed out of a durable, premium-quality neoprene that guarantees skin to remain at its ideal temperature even when used during cold weather. The unique perfectly fitted contour guarantees maximum filtration and comfort.

The M2, on the other hand is constructed out of a premium-quality, breathable mesh material. This material makes the M2 Mask a perfect choice for those with high-intensity activities since it keeps the skin at its ideal temperature even when used during a strenuous activities or in hot weather. Similar to the M1, this mask is made to fit our facial contours.  Both models feature three different filters. Combined, these filters are able to filter any airborne particles. Yes, even those fine particles the size of 0.1-micron! Not only that, they are also capable of absorbing any type of organic chemicals, odors, and fumes. More on this later.

Technology from RZ Mask

Next on this RZ Masks Reviews is the technology featured in both the M1 and M2 models. As I have stated above, both masks feature three different filters for maximum safety measures without having to sacrifice comfort. The first filter is referred to as the F1 Filter, this filter is responsible of filtering all airborne particles – even that of 0.1-micron. With 99.9-percent efficiency, this Active Carbon-charged filter is able to absorb all types of organic chemicals, odors and fumes.

The F2 Filter, with its High-Flo construction, is capable of filtering even the smallest 0.1-micron particle while at the same time offering better breathability by 40-percent. The third filter also features High-Flo construction with the same filter capability. The difference lies in the fact that, the F3 Filter is Active Carbon charged like the first filter, yet offers better breathability like the second filter.  All masks feature exhalation valves which consist of 3 different pieces of a base, a cap and a diaphragm. These valves guarantee a condensation-free.mask as the exhaled air is automatically elevated by the diaphragm allowing it to be released instead of collected.

How to Use RZ Mask

The ease of use is another aspect that I love so much about the RZ Masks. As I said earlier on in this review, the masks I have worn in my career were always a burden. I always had to stop mid activities just to wipe out the condensation, and mind you, they were not easy to put on and off.  Not only did it require extra few steps to wear, it also require more time to have the mask properly fitted.

With RZ Masks, it only takes a few seconds. Thanks to its unique contour that perfectly fits our facial features, you can put them on and tighten the velcro and be done with it. It’s comfortable, perfectly snuggly, and really filters unwanted particles and fumes as well as odor. i would definitely recommend this mask, and I sure hope this RZ Mask Reviews helps.

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