Reasons Why Choose RZ Mask

Why Choose RZ Mask? is perhaps one of the most common questions asked by prospective customers. As versatile as it is, the mask serves many purposes. Some athletes wear these masks during training to improve their fitness level as the oxygen level they breathe while wearing mask is comparable to the level of oxygen they breathe in a higher altitude location.

Others, like handyman who handle woodworking, wear the mask for safety reasons. While there is a dust collect system, fine dust particles which are smaller than 10 microns still can be inhaled and over time, it will clog the respiratory system. Regardless of the reason why these people are after a high-quality, perfectly fitted mask, the question remains.

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Why Choose RZ Mask

Incredible construction

Another reason on Why Choose RZ Mask is the fact that it comes in two variants, the M1 Mask and the M2 Mask. Both types of mask comes in a unique contour built in its mask. This contour forms and accentuates your facial features so that it fits properly just how a good mask is supposed to be. With this unique contour-form, the mask is able to perfectly seal all surface while at the same time, it also properly keeps out the unfiltered air.

Not only that, RZ Masks are specifically designed and made using the best materials to ensure comfort and its quality. However, it is worth noting that the material used in M1 Mask is different from the one used in the M2 option. The difference in material is due to the fact that both masks serve different purposes – which largely depends on the weather and the type of activity it is worn for.

A mask for any activity

The M1 is made of  Neoprene material and it’s known to be the best choice to wear in cold temperature. It is also the perfect choice for those needing the mask for their low intensity activities. the M2, however, is a stark contrast. Made with breathable, high-quality mesh material, this mask is a great choice for those with high intensity activities or those living in a hotter region.

Both materials are condensation-free, thanks to its valve. This part of the mask consists of a diaphragm that automatically sucks out the exhaled air. To top it all off, the RZ Masks are also cleverly design to adapt to our natural movements, making it incredibly comfortable and last longer than its competitors.

Why Choose RZ Mask

Why Choose RZ Mask: Offering the best filter technology

Comfort and flexibility of this mask is not to be questioned, but what really takes the spotlight from all of its competitors is the technology behind it. Unlike any other option on the market, RZ Masks feature three distinctive layers of filter. The mask itself can hold as much as five filters at once, ensuring your safety and health.

This also means that the mask can be word in all public settings and scenarios. It can be used as a heavy duty dust and woodworking mask that is typically worn by handyman, as an air-pollutant mask, ATV mask, welding mask, and even an allergy mask. This all-encompassing technology is one of the answers for “Why Choose RZ Mask?”

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Why Choose RZ Mask